Add-Remove Master 6.0

Add-Remove Master 6.0: Uninstall unneeded programs and remove it`s unused files. programs Uninstall information. 13- Check programs wizard can find & remove empty folders and invalid shortcuts that programs left. 14- Generate a list for the installed programs and export it to a text file or html file (Web Page). 15- Create a full report for the installed programs and save the report to a text file or html file (Web Page). 16- Quickly open programs Install folder, Company site or support site. 17- Create shortcut for programs

Music Organizer Programs 6.81: Music Organizer Programs - best Music Organizer Programs for home and office
Music Organizer Programs 6.81

programs you will organize music files in any specified location. Use music organizer programs to organize files of any type. Award-winning music organizer programs will smoothly organize mp3, wav and midi music files. Where to get music organizer programs for my computer? What is the best way to use music organizer programs at home? Can music organizer programs also delete old music files? To organize music on your PC use music organizer programs

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Program Sentry 2.1.0

programs or a list of allowed programs. In the blocked programs mode, any program on the list is blocked. In the allowed program mode, any program NOT on the list is blocked. Which mode you choose to use depends on whether you have a few programs you want to block (in which case you would use the blocked program mode), or you have a few programs you want to allow people to use (in which case you would use the allowed program mode). In both modes,

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Online College Degree Programs 1: Online College Degree Programs by Online College Degree
Online College Degree Programs 1

Online College Degree Programs by Online College Degree. Online College Degree is the premier spot for information on Online College Degree Programs. Enjoy the free Online College Degree Programs screensaver. For info on Online College Degree Programs visit our Online College Degree website. Enjoy the Online College Degree Programs screensaver.

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Hide Programs 1.0

Any program which you install adds items to the Start Menu and the Add/Remove Programs List in the Control Panel. Using this Control Panel applet, anyone who has access to your computer can view which programs you have installed on your PC and un-install them. Hide Programs lets you hide programs from the Add/Remove Programs List or re-show them. You can also temporarily hide Start Menu items without deleting them.

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OnStart Pro 1.6

programs - Add or remove programs from startup - Save backups of different startup configurations and restore them at any time - Manage multiple user startup configurations. - Increase system performance and reveal hidden programs OnStart Pro`s unique approach to configuration management lets you configure multiple startup sets on one computer. With just a few clicks you can add or remove programs from every user, or limit certain programs to only

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Comodo Programs Manager 1.2.188360.106: Programs and Features made easy, with the new Comodo Programs Manager!
Comodo Programs Manager 1.2.188360.106

Programs and Features made easy, with the new Comodo Programs Manager! Main features include: Clean partial uninstalled programs, Uninstall multiple programs at once, Make self-installable package, Uninstall Drivers and Services. The Active Monitor feature takes it even further. Basically any program can be installed, tested then completely removed, allowing you to "see" whats with it without worrying about possible changes to your system.

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